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Serving His Patients

Matt has been an attending physician at the Tucson Medical Center since 2003. There, he treats patients with a range of diagnoses from heart attacks, and head trauma, to chronic conditions like diabetes, PTSD and cancer.

Serving Southern Arizona

Elected to the Arizona State House in 2008, Matt served two terms and was chosen by his Democratic colleagues to serve as caucus whip. In the House, he focused on seniors, veterans, and healthcare issues, working across the aisle to write and pass key legislation including:

He wrote a bill to make all medical complaints and patient safety information a public record, and broke the partisan gridlock in Phoenix to get it passed (Arizona H.B. 2520 (2011); Arizona H.B. 2545 (2010)

He stood up for our injured veterans so their benefits can never be seized by collectors. Arizona H.B. 2348 (2010)

He helped secure health care for seniors who need it most by ensuring access to hospice care in a time of drastic cuts. Arizona H.B 2099 (2011)

Serving His Nation

From June of 2013 to March of 2015, Matt served as Director for Provider Outreach in the Office of the Secretary at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. At HHS, Matt helped coordinate federal response to the Ebola virus and worked closely with healthcare providers implementing the Affordable Care Act.







The Affordable Care Act made progress, this much is undeniable. Equally undeniable is the fact that we still have a huge amount of work to do. Our healthcare system is under attack, it’s under attack by extremists in Congress, entrenched special interests in big pharma, and self-serving insurance lobbies. In the wake of these attacks, Matt believes we must keep moving forward to a system that provides coverage for all. Matt is ready to stand against the assaults on our rights to good doctors and quality care. And he has a plan to bring us closer to the healthcare future we need.

We need to move step-by-step towards universal coverage, so that we can join the rest of the developed nations. We should start with a Medicare buy-in option, which will result in lower costs and heightened levels of public health. Matt also believes that we must work to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, rather than surrendering control to the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists. During his time serving veterans, working at the VA Hospital in Tucson, Matt saw first-hand the positive effect of allowing drug prices to be negotiated. This renegotiation will drive down costs, improve public health, and have a meaningful impact on hard-working families.

Guns and School Safety


Southern Arizona knows all too well the devastating impact that guns can have on our communities. It seems that finally the winds of change have started to turn against the gun lobbies that have been putting profit before American lives for far too long. There has never been a better time to hold the gun lobby accountable and repeal liability protections. Let’s treat the gun lobby like ‘big tobacco’ and take our country back.
Matt has seen the reality of our country’s problem with guns. He’s treated gunshot wounds in the hospital and knows that gun safety is an issue of public health. He supports an end to the ban imposed on the CDC that prevents them researching gun violence as a health epidemic. The very fact this ban was ever imposed is evidence of just how powerful gun lobbies have become.
To deal with this issue, we must limit the potential for extreme damage. That means limiting capacity to 10 rounds of ammunition, banning bump stocks, and reinstating the assault weapons ban. Furthermore, we need to update the NCIC with current information, require comprehensive background checks, and keep guns away from domestic abusers and those on the terror-watch list. The NRA would have you believe that these measures are the desires of a tyrannical government. They’re not. They’re practical, common-sense precautions to keep our families safe, and they’re supported by the majority of Americans. Matt believes it’s time for Congress to catch up.



Immigration is a hot topic, and one that causes a lot of people real concern. We need to address these concerns, but career politicians in Washington have failed to do so. Instead of real solutions, Congress and this administration offer us racially charged policies that play to our worst instincts. They tear families apart, offer false promises of security, promote a culture of intolerance and hate, and through all their harm, fail to fix our system. That’s why Matt proudly voted against SB1070 (the ‘Papers Please’ law) and stands with DACA students and the Dreamers against deportation.
Matt sees the proposed additions to the border wall for what they are, a futile measure and a huge waste of money that could go towards improving people’s lives. Matt believes that partly through increasing the number of customs agents, we can address immigration in a humane way that improves the economy of Southern Arizona and the economy of our biggest trading partner, the Mexican State of Sonora.

Jobs/Economic Development

Economic improvement and job creation in Southern Arizona is one of Matt’s top priorities. Unemployment has been on a downward trend, wages have stagnated, and inflation has made the cost of everyday goods and services unattainable for far too many hard-working families. This can’t go on. Matt believes it’s imperative that we invest in public education, invest in vocational training, and increase the minimum wage. Without these actions, we lock the doors to the American Dream to all but a few.
Furthermore, Matt recognizes the dire need to update our infrastructure. Including building a new energy grid, which will not only create jobs and improve wages, but have a meaningful impact on public safety and our environment. Most importantly, these infrastructure improvements will come from American manufacturers and American workers, so that we can end the trend of cheap outsourcing, thereby keeping our hard-earned tax dollars here at home - where they will do the most for our communities.



Almost the entire scientific community agrees that climate change is having a real, immediate impact on our environment. If we don’t act, the results will likely be catastrophic. That’s why Matt advocates a 21st century energy grid, improving alternative energy technologies, and forcing Washington to abandon their failing ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Matt believes we need to empower individual states to focus on how they can best reduce emissions and develop their green energy potential.
Arizona has the potential to be one of the world’s leading producers of solar power and alternative energy. Yet on this issue, politicians have failed the people of Arizona and are failing the world as a whole. Our corrupt system prioritizes corporate profits on perhaps the most important issue of the century. When he was serving in Arizona legislature, Matt worked to pass bills to improve the production of green energy and protect our environment. If elected, he’ll bring the same leadership to Washington, promoting policies that keep our air, water, and food supply safe for everyone.

Campaign Finance

So many of the issues that are devastating our country are because of our outrageous campaign finance laws. Money does not equal speech. Plain and simple. The decision regarding Citizens United will go down as one of the largest failures of the American political process. But it’s not too late to roll back the tides of special interests and corporations buying our political process. Matt believes it’s essential to enact legislation that prohibits corporate PACs from donating to federal candidates if that company is seeking federal contracts. If we fail to do this, our beloved country will head down a very dangerous road. Our government is not for sale.

Proudly Endorsed By

Retired U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini

Arizona Senator David Bradley

Arizona Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford

Arizona Representative Daniel Hernandez

Tucson City Council Member Paul Durham

Fmr. Tucson City Council Member Karin Uhlich



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